Unforgettable Moments

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Unforgettable Moments


Saint Andrew´s Islands, Colombia

Venice was a great place to visit but the only problem was that it is not easy to walk around since it´s surrounded by water. The interesting thing in this city is it´s water channel and the only way to navigate through it is by small boat or his traditional Gondola boat. It was a nice experience for me and learned soo much about their culture and specially enjoyed the food.

When I knew about the Eiffel Tower I always wanted to go there and my dream came true when my dad took me to Paris. Being there was definetly amazing because you get to see the beauty of the monument. I loved the bright and colorful lights surrounded the Eiffer Tower, also loved being able to go to the top and look at Paris at night, would never forget that marvelous view.

Brazil is one of the place I always wanted to go and one of the reasons is because of the carnival. It´s when a lot of people from many places in the world gather to watch one of the best carnival on earth. There are many entertainment, a lot of music with struments, a lot of dancing and beautiful colors all over the places. I would definetly love to go there next year to assist to the carnival.

when I was in Washington DC, I had the opportunity to see the White House inside since my grandmother was invited by the President to meet him and his wife. I couldn´t believe it when I got inside because it was soo different compared to what I see on movies. The outside is beautiful but the inside is MARVELOUS! Being able to get inside it is something I will never forget in my life.

Since I was young, I have always been interested on going to the United States because is a wonder country that have many interesting places. One of those interesting places I would like to visit is the GRAND CANYON in Arizona. It is a beautiful and awesome natural place. It´s considered one of the firsts natural parks in the United States. The Colorado river crosses the Grand Canyon. The canyon has an enormous depth. enormous width, and show us great views and beautiful landscapes. It's for me one of the best places that has USA. It´s also a relaxing place to stop on your trip while being in the United States.

I love colombia´s beaches specially Saint Andrew´s Island. It´s blue colors and crystal clear waters , the landscapes and natural coves. Those things made Saint Andrew´s islands a great and favorite destination for tourism in Colombia. For me is one of the best place in the Caribbean. The beach is famouse because it has seven different colors.


The White House, United States of America


Eiffel Tower, France



Venice, Italy

The Grand Canyon, United States of America

Unforgettable Moments

Brazil´s Carnival


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