Underwater Exporation

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Underwater Exporation

How Scientists Use Archaeology

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Underwater Exploration

Underwater ArchaeologyStill to this day, Underwater Archaeologists have gone exploring to learn about unknown things. An underwater archaeologist studies thing that people use, made, and left behind. Just from studying an artifact or ship they can locate what it was used for, where it was going, and who used it. They can also determine who was on the ship.

Methods Archaeologists UseUnderwater archaeologists used many different tools to find and explore these artifacts and ship. When they are exploring the ocean they use a lot of machines to locate the sunken ship or artifact.They use sonar sound waves to locate and detect sunken objects and ship wrecks. Then the archaeologists use cables to mark the position it was in when they found it so they can research where it was from and what it was for. Then they take it to a laboratory to study it for months to figure out what it was.

Archaeologists are examining an underwater site.

Things The Archaeologists FindArchaeologists find a lot of artifacts from the European explorers when they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in the 1500’s. They left behind different types of artifacts. The archaeologists would take it to the laboratory to study the artifact more closely and then they would predict who was on board the ship or who used the artifact. The Europeans used maps to get to places. Archaeologists usually find a lot from the Europeans when they explored the Atlantic ocean. The archaeologists study ships then bring the remains that were on the ship. It could take years to find a sunken ship. Bringing up the remains can take weeks. Then understanding the meaning of the item is another long process. These steps take a long time to do.

Scientist use grid lines to record where items were found.

A real underwater excavation in Egypt.

Key WordsArchaeologist- a scientist who studies artifacts to learn about past cultures. nounDetect- To find out or discover something. verbCables- A thick strong rope made out of wire. nounEuropean Explorers-They are explorers that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.nounArtifacts-It’s an item that scientists study. Noun


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