[2015] Makayla Gregg: Underwater Engineering

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[2015] Makayla Gregg: Underwater Engineering

Ocean Engineeringis a multidisciplinary field of technology applied to the ocean environment. It is a combination of the classical engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, with naval architecture and applied oceanography

:Ocean Engineering: Machines and engineers that are helping our oceans become happier, healthier, and a better place to live, one amazing idea at a time.

::What they do::An ocean engineer researches, designs, and builds various types of marine equipment. Professionals utilize their knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of seawater to solve problems related to ocean research and transportation.

:Salary:($64,000)The median-earning 50 percent of marine engineers earned between $64,000 and $111,000 per year.

Ocean engineering is helping our oceans a lot, with cameras, robots, and other equiptment, we are helping the ocean enviroment become cleaner, healthier and happier, everyday. We arent only helping the oceans health but also are own, with cleaner, plastic free beaches, and plastic safe waters.

In order to pursue in this career, you will need a Bachelor's degree in ocean engineering or another engineering discipline.


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