Understanding Me

by JocieMayr
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Understanding Me


I don't want to be bored with everything you say.I want to be entertained!I don't want to sit around and listen to you.I want to get up and move!I don't want to be the quiet one in the class.I want to be part of a group!I don't want be scared to ask you for help!I want to be able to seek you when im in trouble!

What about me? Name: Jocelyn MayrAge: 18Nationality: Full Nicaraguan/ But born in Australia :) Spoken Language: Spanish/EnglishI was born in Australia, but being raised in a Latin-American family environment, I grew up knowing Spanish as my first language. So yes, I am an ESL student, but now I speak English perfectly, as I have been an eager learner and thanks to some amazing teachers I have had in my life. In primary school, I had some good and some indifferent teachers. Some teachers would notice when I was struggling and some would just continue with their class or only picking out favourites. Was this good for me? NO!Throughout my early years at primary school I was bullied and neglected; of course this must have had a negative effect on the way I learnt. My confidence went down; as no one noticed I needed extra help in class. None of my teachers listened to my side of the story and I would get blamed for things I had not done.Sometimes, I would sit in class not having a clue what the teacher was talking about and I was too scared to ask for help because I was afraid I would just get in trouble or get told to try by myself.It wasn't till I got a bit older, that my confidence started to build up because teachers were including me in class activities and were paying more attention to each and every student to make sure they were gaining something from each lesson. This participation in class activities encouraged and made my learning process much more enjoyable and fruitful.When teachers go around, just seeing if everyone is going okay with the task that is set for the students, they are able to see which students need more help than others. That way they aren't picking on anyone to answer questions or going ahead with the subject at hand when most of the class is behind.I was able to learn more effectively when someone was beside me giving me guidance and reassuring that everyone can accomplish things. That way I didn’t have to be afraid to ask for help, being sure that someone would always be there when I was stuck.Another way of learning I found really got me motivated was working in groups or doing collective activities as a class. When I was in grade 4, I was in a combined class with another grade 4 class. I must say this was the best year of my primary school life! Both teachers would come together on some days, to do group work or do some mathematics games. My favourite was a timetables game, in which there was a group of students all at the front and the teacher would call out a maths problem such as 2x2 and whoever answered first would be able to stay for the next round; whoever was left standing would be out. The joy of this game is that you hear all your classmates cheering you on, helping build our confidence and most of all putting a smile on everyone’s faces.This type of fun approach to the learning of mathematics was very beneficial to me at that stage, as I have to admit that I have always felt a natural aversion towards mathematics. Throughout the years of secondary school I struggled with limited success in trying to transfer the mathematical principles to real applications in practical life. I wasn’t until the final years that I started getting the hang of it.Sometimes the way I prefer to learn may sound selfish but, apart from my own interest I believe that every student in the class deserves a little bit of time with their teachers, so they can have a connection with them. This would help every student because it would remove the fear to approach the teacher for help and guidance. Also to take that little bit of time to do an activity in groups or as a whole class helped me develop social skills and most definitely built my confidence to the next level. All these learning styles helped build the person I am today and I thank those special teachers that gave their time and effort to make everyone feel part of the school community.It is now my turn to extract the positive experiences from my school years and try to incorporate them in the future into an effective teaching method and style for the benefit of the children, acknowledging the virtues and deficiencies of every one and give them the personalised attention every child deserves.

without you I wouldn't be able to be so confident.Without You - UsherMy favourite singer :)

This video was retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUe8uoKdHao 12/03/2014

This video was retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA2k79EGHbc

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