Underground Railroad

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Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman- Harriet tubman became the most famous conductorever lived to escape slavery.

In the 1830s, many people started escaping slavery with the Underground Railtroad.

Fugtive Slave Act- A law that people thatvtry to escape slavery have to be returned to the south. Suprisingly, people were to smart for this new law.

The North Star led the way to freedom. The North Star was always neay the Big Dipper (Drinking Gourd) Follow the Stars!

Follow the Drinking Gourd

The conductors hadto travel about tento twenty miles withother slaves. Theywere hiding in manyplaces. For example:hiding behind barns, in houses, in bushes,and trees.

No one is quite sure how manypeople escaped. Estimates saythat over 100,000 slaves escapedslavery with the UndergroundRailroad. This includes the 30,000people who escaped during thepeak years before the Civil War.

The Underground Railroadhad some important peopleto it. There were many, butthese people are the mainpeople. They are, HarrietTubman, William Sitll, LeviCoffin, and Jhon Fairfield.

The Underground Railroad has many routes. Most routes went through the Appalachian Mountains, and some even required transpotation by boat. A popular path follows Mississippi, and then to the Great Lakes region before entering Canada. Others travled went closer to the coast, and up to New England.



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