Underground Railroad: Virtual Feild Trip

by MissDingee
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Social Studies
African-American History

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Underground Railroad: Virtual Feild Trip

A Darker Time in History In Library Class we learned that February is Black History Month. We have been reading books about famous African Americans and their accomplishments. In this month long celebration, it is important to take a look at how our nation has grown for the better. Today you will be taking a Field Trip to a darker time in American history, when people owned other people. You know what slavery is, now you are going to see what it was like to be a slave. If you had a choice, would you try to escape to a better life?Many slaves did just that. They tried to escape through the Underground Railroad!

1. What was the Underground Railroad?

2. Virtual Field TripExperience what it was like to be a runaway slave using the Underground Railroad!

Instructions for the Underground Railroad Virtual Field Trip


Escaping from Slavery:

"The Underground Railroad"

4th Grade

3. Quilts were used to help give slaves clues on how to escape to freedom. ~ Create your own Quilt Patch to help slaves escape! ~

Want to learn more?Click on the other pictures!

1) Watch the Discovery Channel Video on the Underground Railroad.2) Experience what it was like to try to escape! – Choose your path to escape through the Underground Railroad. 3) Create your own “Quilt Patch” for a freedom quilt. (Please print a copy when you are done.)4.) After you finish exploring, complete your Underground Railroad Ranger Booklet.

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