Underage smoking

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Underage smoking


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Street NamesCigs, Butts, Smokes, Snus, Snuff, and Sigara

Nicotine is the main drug in almost all types of tobacco. Nicotine is a stimulant and a sedative. It is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States of America

How it's TakenTabacco is taken into the body by burning it, and inhaling the smoke that is produced. Tabacco can be smoked in a pipe, or thin pieces of paper called cigarettes.

Dangers of Smoking - Developing different types of cancer ex.) Lung, Kidney, and Stomach- Shortness of breath, persistent couphing, and wheezing-Increases the chance of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease-Decrease in appetite-Trouble in pregnancy-Death

Tobacco is both psycologically and physically addictive. Being phycologically addicted, menas that you can have withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, , depression, and anorexia. When physically addicted, nicotine brings good feelings that make you crave more.

Effects-Bad Breath-Yellow Teeth-Premature Aging-Financial Problems

Where to get help?

Websites such as Above the Influence have help hotlines that you can talk to. Also, you can talk to a guidence counselor, or a trusted adult.

Teenagers believe that to be cool and popular, you have to smoke or do things that are bad for your health. However, smoking teenagers are looked upon as disrespctful troublemakers. Instead of shortening your life, find other ways to have fun without putting your health in danger.


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