Under the Sea

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Under the Sea

This is a buoyancy compensator,it allows divers to reach nuetral,negative,and positive bouyancy.

Weight Belt-the purpose of a weight belt is to help you avoid your body's tendency to float.

Buoancy~ How much buoancy you have depends on your body- fat levels, the type of material on your wet suit, and the size of your oxygen tank.

Boyle’s Law is especially important when a diver starts his or her ascent. As a diver ascends pressure decreases and volume increases. As the diver starts to ascend, it will necessary to start equalizing the pressure. A full BCD at a lower depth will become fuller as a diver starts his or her ascent. In order to compensate, a diver must release air from his or her BCD. It is more important for a diver to remember to exhale as he or she ascends. A diver who holds his or her breath while ascending will have the air in his or her lungs expand beyond their capacity.


This is some of the scuba gear that scuba divers use, icluding the buoyancy compenator.

The deeper in the water you go, the higher the pressure gets.


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