Under a War- Torn Sky

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Social Studies
World War II

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Under a War- Torn Sky

Under A War-torn Sky

The Maquis were groups of French Resistance Fighters called Maquisards. They fought against the Nazis using surprise attacks. Many of them died, but they helped many soldiers survive.

Food was rationed in England. The U.S. and Brittish fliers got meat first. Civilians bought gum to trick their minds that they were eating something.

The Nazis had Focke-Wulf 190s these had yellow noses. Also, there were the speckled green and blue Messerschmitts and the sand brown Junkers with swastikas on their tails.

Switzerland was a neutral country during World War II. When Hitler deported French Jews Switzerland took them in, but they are such a small country that they set up a policy that you can only enter if a Jewish group already in the country can support them.

The American flyers had planes with silver wings and red-and-yellow checkers called P-51 Mustangs. The other American planes were the P-47 Thunderbolts that were olive drad and yellow.

In this story, a boy named Henry Forester previously lived on a farm in Virginia with his critical Dad and loving Mother. He enlisted in the Air Force and became a Lieutenant and pilot. He was the youngest in his squadron. He joined the Air Force to show his Dad that he is not a screw up and that he should be treated with respect. His plane got shot down by the Nazis on a bombing mission to France. Henry was wounded, but he marches on to try and find himself help. Luckily Henry meets citizens, such as a male teacher in Alsace, also Madame Gaulloise, Pierre and his mother, and Claudette who help him get back home even if it means their death.

Henry's plane was a B-24 bomber called "Out of the Blue" loaded with 2,000 pounds of bombs. A boy named Billy White also flied one called "Battle Queen". Who eventually turns from sarcastic and rude to a nice kid.

Plot Description

In the story Henry uses the help of a girl named Claudette who is 17 who makes him stay at a Maquis Camp. Her Mother, Uncle, and boyfriend have all been killed by the Nazis.

Nazis built one plane every 15 minutes.


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