[2014] George Arrospide: Uncle Tom's Cabin

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[2014] George Arrospide: Uncle Tom's Cabin

The most famous American novel of the nineteenth century, Harriet Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin was first published in 1852 in the abolitionist newspaper National Era. In it's first year alone, Stowe’s novel sold an astonishing 300,000 copies and by the time slavery was abolished it is thought that more than one million people had read it. The story goes through the harsh effect slavery has on families based on using an overseer and his slaves as the lead roles.

1832 - Stowe moves with family to Cincinatti 1833 - Stowe sees slavery in Kentucky; AASS founded.1834 - Anti- slavery protests appear1836 - Anti- abolition riot in Cincinnatti 1850 - Fugitive Slave Law passed; Stowe resolves to write opposing law.1852 - Uncle Tom's Cabin published1854 - Kansas- Nebraska Act passed1855 - Stowe's UTC popularizes through theatre1856 - Dred Scott vs. Stanford Decision; Stowe publishes Dred 1861 - Civil War begins1862 - Stowe meets with Abraham Lincoln 1863 - Emancipation Proclamation 1865 - Civil War ends; 13th Amendment abolishes slavery1866 - KKK begins reign of terror 1867 - 14th Amendment makes ex-slaves citizens1870 - 15th Amendment gurantees voting rights

Lasting Impact

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe forever changed Americans' view of slavery and was indirectly the prelude to African American rights. It helped mold public opinion against the continuation of slavery, which would later be abolished. The story itself was so popular in the North because it showed the evils of slavery and the injustices of the fugitive slave law which made northerners "participate" in slavery by sending runaway slaves back to the south. Also, it helped mold opinions in the north about the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which was the decision to allow slavery in the new territories, becoming what they called the Border War. Finally, with the North at a big majority of free states and the South slave states, the concession of the union because of slave rights was the last straw. These were all vital steps toward the American Civil War, which would ultimately become our nation's bloodiest war.


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Uncle Toms Cabin


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