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NC_ETA 2011

I keep trying to find ways to use technology with my students by following Twitter hashtags like #edtech and #engchat. But, I've also found a couple of cool sites that I thought would be helpful in beginning to think about the new ELA Common Core Standards.

This year, I've focused on nonfiction & integrating tech of all kinds. One specific lesson came about when Osama bin Ladan was killed. I showed the POTUS's speech & screencasts of Twitter feeds from before & after the speech. One person I follow retweeted that a Pakistani man had been tweeting during the raid. I found that link for my students, too. Here's my Flikr pics I shared with students.

However, the most delicious site I happened upon is Storify !!This site allows you to type in search terms and gather information from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Audioboo, Google searches, Slideshare, and Flickr. You can even add your own links and text into the storyboard.What's amazing about this resource, is the searcher can choose what goes into the final "Story" the info should tell.

This story tells about Saudi Arabian women who are protesting the fact that they cannot legally drive. Can you imagine not being able to drive??

After reading and responding, let's debrief....What did you notice? Learn? Fear more?

My favorite Storify story.... :)

Please take a minute & read through my Storfy about the Common Core Standards (click the notepad).

Ready to create your own Storify?Work alone or with a partner and create a story about practically any topic you want (maybe even your own demo topic). If you'd like to find something to use with Common Core, you 'll probably need to search more nonficeion topics.Be sure to Tweet the link or upload it the UNCCWP Institute site.


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