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Trait 1. Persistent, every summer day he would run for hours every day to train.Trait 2. Faithful, after the war he was traumatized and hated every day until he met christ, then he turned his life around and became a christian speaker.Trait 3. Generous, while stranded Mac ate all their food but Louis frogave him which he did often.

Some conflicts of his life were:1.Runners were ordered to injure Louie, but he still won the race.2. At his ar camp he was beaten mercilessly daily causing him extreme pain and fear.3.When he was married due to nightmares about his captors he almost killed his wife almost causing a divorce.

Louis did a lot out of high school, but his running career started in high school. During high school his brother encuraged him to try out for track and he did, and was great. Before long he had set a school record and almost a world record.Later he was invited to the Berlin Olympics. He did not win but did great. He kept training for the next Olympics, but was recruited for war and shipped to flight school. Later he was put in the air force where he won many battles but crashed survivning for more than 40 days at sea was captured by the Japanese and was taken to a prison camp where he endured many hardships that would drive normal men crazy.

UNBROKENBY: Laura Hillenbrand

Louis Zamperini was born in New York on January 26, 1917. His life was full of mischief, his family didnt make much money so he stole. In his family there was his father Anthony, mother Louise, brother Pete, and he had sisters Sylvia and Virginia. Louis did not have much of an education, for he didnt go to college, but he traveled. His family moved when he was young to Terrance California.


Personnel life



Symbol 1. Beer, after the war he turned to beer to keep him occupied.Symbol 2. Bible, after he got his first bible it turned his life around.Symbol 3. Running Shoes, he never lost a race in his running shoes.Trait 4. Diary, in camp he could have nothing but he kept a diary to keep him sane and as a small rebellion. Symbol 5. The Beam, his most feared captor made him hold a large wood beam and if he moved he was hit and he held it without moving for a long time making his captor very angry. Symbol 6. Uniform, his army uniform showed his pride and respect for America he did many good things in his uniform.


After the biography he continued speaking and took up many things like scateboarding and skiing, but sadly he died at age 97 on July 2nd 2014.



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