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The necklace that Frank was needed to deliver. Rebecca must find it.


The city of New Orleans; main setting of the book.

Paula recently started her carreer as an author. The only other book she wrote was Ruined: the book before this. I recommend reading it because this book makes many references to it.

For my passage, I am going to read from pages 35,36,and 37

Yes, I do recommend this book to anyone. I thought that it brought appeal to many features that you would normally find in several books. Like mystery, magic, plenty of suspence and more! I think the way the author captures all the characters so well it makes you feel like you are standing there with every character there

Paula MorrisAuthor of Unbroken

This book is about Rebecca—sure that her dealings with ghosts had ended with the breaking of the family curse—is hoping for a haunt-free return trip to New Orleans to enjoy spring break with her father and her best friend, Ling. But when a , blue-eyed boy named Frank appears to her, explaining his need to retrieve a locket from an old, abandoned house in Tremé, Rebecca knows she has to help. Since Frank was supposed to be delivering the locket when he was murdered, he must complete the delivery soon or else be trapped in the ghost world forever. Retrieving a locket sounds like an easy task, until Rebecca realizes that there’s another ghost, the very one who murdered Frank, plus Rebecca’s flesh-and-blood nemesis Toby Sutton, trying to thwart her at every turn.

I can connect Ling, Rebecca's best friend to myself, because she was able to tell that something was wrong with Rebecca after she talked to Frank. I think I can do that with most of my friends. I would stay that we are both very observant.

A cemetary that represents parts of the book. For example, Frank meets Rebecca there to tell her where the necklace is.

I choose the song Demons by Imagine Dragons because it hought it represented the "demon" ghosts that take place through out the story.

Published in 2013after Ruined.

Join Rebecca, as she strives to make her way through New Orleans, to help the ghost Frank O'Connor finally pass "life" as a ghost and rest in peace. Or will Frank be forever stuck between life and death. Will Rebecca finally be the human to set things right for Frank? Read the book to find out!

I think that Paula Morris's style will be a perfect match for many people. I personally liked the book a lot. I would give it a 10 out of 10. I hughly recommend reading it! You can find it in Mrs Hall's librery too.


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