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unbrokenWritten by:Laura Hillenbrand

part 3servicein the airforce during the time every air men had the same fear. being assigned to a b-24 liberator. this was a bomb plane and it was good at its job but its mechanical issuses and its hard to control steering made it one of the worst planes ever built you were just as likly to die in practice flying it as you were in combat. louis unfortunatly was assigned to one but he had a soild crew, esspecially the captin witch they would later become best friends. there crew was one of the best having triple the accurcy of the avergae airforce team. they also had great chemistry making it somewhat enjoyable in the tough living conditions. they would once bomb an island have nine zeros on them destroy them all and only lose one crew member.

Part 1childhoodLouis Zamperini was a troublesome kid. he was always stealing things and causing problems at school and at home. his brother pete though was the perfect child never causing trouble and always getting good grades. louis life was going bad real fast. pete manages to turn louis life around by making him use his talent for running to show him what can happen if he puts the work in. louis ends up making it to the 1936 olyimpic games as a 19 year old.

part 2runningafter his eith place finish and returning home louis returned to training and was eager for the 1940 olympic games in witch he would be 23 and have a standing chance to win a gold medal. but that would have to wait when ww11 erupted. the games were canceled and when the japenesse bombed pearl harbor louis joined the air force.

part 4living on the raftlouis is asked to do a serch and rescue misson for a b-24 that went missing but since superman was shot up so bad they had to take the worst b-24 ever made the green hornet. they end up crashing and only 3 of the 11 crew members survive. louis, phil and mac. they survive for 46 days but mac ends up dying they are then captured by the jappenese and are sent to pow camps. they end up making it through and survive and are able to return home but none of them are the same

part 5homecomingwhen louis returned home he tried to start training for the 1948 olympics. he was not abke to train for more then a month due to a ankle injury he stustained during the war. during this time he meets a girl named cynthia and they marry. louis has a hard time dealing with his ptsd and begans to drink. cynthia brings him to a christian talker and he devotes his life to god.

[Louie] trained so hard that he rubbed the skin right off one of his toes, leaving his sock bloody.

The men had been adrift for twenty-seven days.The men's bodies were pocked with salt sores, and their lips were so swollen that they pressed into their nostrils and chins.

It was likely, they all knew, that they'd crash on landing, if not before. Whatever thoughts each man had, he kept them to himself.


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