Unbroken: Page 345 to The End

by SabrinaKeo
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Unbroken: Page 345 to The End

Unbroken:Page 345-406 (The End)By: Laura Hillenbrand  Created By: Sabrina Keo

In the middle of March 1946 at a bar in Miami Beach, Louie locked eyes with a woman names Cynthia Applewhite. Later on, this woman he met became his wife despite the reluctance of her family members. Raised in opposite manners; Louie who was middle classed and uneducated to his wife's private institutional education and high class family, the two married without her family attending. Louie still personally struggled wih nightmares of 'The Bird'. This caused him to rely on alcohol to mask his pain which caused bumpy roads for him and his wife. Even after announcing pregnancy and constant pleads to stop, Louie still went to bars everynight to forget his past. One time, Louie was so frightened in his dream that he mistakened his wife for "The Bird" and nearly killed her by strangling her.

Finding His Wife

Keep Moving Forward

Years after the war, when the POWS and World War II veterans are finally getting back to normality- life was getting better. Louie and the friends he met during the war time are now content with their family life. Some of them have children and are finally forgiving "The Bird" and their japanese enemies. Louie who had been through many hardships had overlived his entire family. Most of his family including his wife died from cancer. He was asked to run for the Olympics when he was around 77 and lived his life to the fullest.

A Bump In The Road

Louie's wife, Cynthia, had been through so much pain that her patience can only run so thin. Louie's drunkness nearly caused him to bring harm to their daughter, Cecy (Cynthia) that Louie in his drunk state was shaking the crying baby violently. Cynthia eventually moved out and wanted to get a divorce. The contently blissful couple was now reaching their breaking point.

After years of hiding, "The Bird" who was once unremorseful for his actions had softened up and felt true guilt for the pain he caused. He later publicly asked for forgiveness from all his POWs when he was later found.

So tormented by the dreams he faced, Louie vowed he would kill and find The Bird with his bare hands. After the initial divorce option, Cynthia found compassion by listening to a sermon from a man named Billy Graham. After a bit of reluctance, Cynthia persuaded her estranged husband to go listen to Graham's sermon and eventually Louie felt his internal war was over. He had forgiven "The Bird".





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