[2015] Lesly Muñiz: Unbroken-historical context film project

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[2015] Lesly Muñiz: Unbroken-historical context film project

"...Ms. Jolie pumps the inspirational uplift so high that with all the soaring music, swirling camerawork, excited commentary and slow-motion shots of Louie's straining and gasping you may not realize he didn't win any Olympic medals....the war scenes and ends up being another clip in what increasingly will feel like one man's extended highlight reel....What the movie ends up in desperate need of is a sense of life made real and palpable through dreadful, transporting details, not a life embalmed in hagiographic awe. You can find that movie here, at times, tucked...though mostly in the perverse intimacy that emerges between Louie and the sadist officer, Watanabe (Miyavi), and shows how personal war can really be." -Manohla Dargis


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"Part Castaway, part Empire of the Sun, director Angelina Jolie's Unbroken is a moving(if ultimately slight) paean to both World War II hero Louis Zamperini and the human capacity for survival. A plane crash in thin middle of the Pacific, 47 days on a punctured raft and the brutal conditions of a prisoner-of-war camp are all fleeting obstacles, the film contends, if you've enough mental and physical fortitude to overcome them. They say living well is the best revenge; in Unbroken, simply surviving is." -Melanie Ruiz

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Watanabe's side of the story

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