Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

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Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

Louis Zamperni is a kid in Torrence, California who as a child is a rebellious kid who likes to steal frequently. He is afast runner and gets away from stealing fast but sometimes gets caught unlike his brother Pete who he looks up to . He never gets caught. Loui steps up his game and starts to pick locks and almost gets suspended from school. His brother Pete convinces Louis to join the track team to get him away from his troublemaking. Louis actually likes track because he likes being cheered on. Louis starts to get good and breaks a couple of records

He then decides to join the air corps but remembers his fear of flying so he drops out and becomes an extra in a movie. Unfortunatly he can't finish the movie because he gets drafted back into the air corps because he didn't read the papers that he signed which said that he would join again. He was assigned to a plane that they later called the superman and he was a bombardier which means that he spots the targets and calculates the angle and dropping point for the bomb. They are put on a mission to bomb wake but not knowing that there were POW camps but they were succesful and no POWs were injured or hurt. Louis drinksalot and feels cocky. They are ordered to bomb Nauru and they get into a dog fight but still hit the target and have to turn back because there plan is hit. They have to land but have no brakes so they crash land and are all ok but the superman will never fly again. He gets transfered to a new plane called the Green Hornet. The plane uses a lot gas and they trie to save the plane but can't so they crash into the ocean and only Louis and the two gunman are the only ones to survive. They got away from the plane with some rafts and little supplies. Mac one of the gunners is infured Sharks are circling the raft at all times. The men are tired and have little energy. Letters were sent to the families of the men. They see planes but the flares they fire don't get their attention. They see another plane and fire a flare but it turns out to be a Japanese bomber and it sarts firing at them. they go overboard to take cover. after the first roud they climb back on and the other two don't have the energy to go over again so they stay up on the raft which is filled with bullet holes. the bomber comes around again and they take cover but when it goes away everyone is fine, no one is hurt. Sharks start jumping out of the water at them.Thet keep the sharks buise while Louis patches the raft They catch sharks and eat there liver for food . THey figure out that they are driffting strairt twoards a island and will arrrive there in a few weeks. Mac doesn't regain his health and ends up dieing. They get to the island but it is controlled by the japanese and they are taken in.

UnbrokenBy Laura Hillenbrand


They were getting shiped home and he is brought to a hospital in Sanfrancisco. His brother Pete meets him there and brings him home to his family. They have a huge party for him but Louis is still very tramatized from the bird and sees him in his head all the time. Louis starts a bad addiction of drinking to cope with his emotions from his past. Louis marries this lovely women named Cynthia and he starts to train for the olympics again. Louis meets with his old pale Phill and garrett for dinner and they all suffer from PTSD and go crazy. He tries to keep training but he worsens his ankle injury and then drinks a ton and has thoughts of going back to Japan and finding the bird and killing him. His relationship with Cynthia is becoming abussive and he has a dreamone night about choking the Bird but in real life he is choking Cynthia. He finds out that she is pregnant and knows he has to change. The baby is born and they name it Cynthia. Louis isn't very good with the child and Cynthia asks for a divorce. She ends up never going through with it. She makes Louis go to a sermon at church but he didn't really care. He goes again and this time he decisdes to give his life for the lord. He becomes a christian speaker.

Louis Breaks the record for the fastest mile time in high school. He starts to train to try to get into the Olympic trials but has little hope that he will make it. He ends up making the Olympic trials and he packs his bags for New York. People call him now the Torrence tornado. It is so hot that Louis goes to movie theaters to sleep. Louis at the time trial ends up making the olympics. his home town calls him the torrence tornado because he is so fast. He sets off to New York to train for the olympic time trial. Louis makes the olympic time trail and is going to the olympics. On the way to Germany Louis gains a lot of weight while on the ship so he becoms outta shap. When the Olympics come Louis has to dealwith with Runnrs elbowing and not being fair. Louis gets really tied and doesn't do very good. After the race Louis meets Adolf Hitler and takes a picture with him. Louis goes andteals a flag from Hitler's house and gets caught but they let him keep it. He decides to go to college with his brother pete at the university of carolina. He starts to train for the next olympics but then hears that they get canceled because of world war II .


During the War

Running Career

After the war

At the camp Louis and Phil are seperated and put in cells. Louis losses all hope and thinks he is going to die. THey are both humiliated, tortured, and tested on. Louis makes friends with one of the guards and he teaches him some japanese.Louis becomes sick and and still has to work. Louis finally gives in to interigation and give them fake bases. They both get shipped off to execution island. They meet one of Louis's friends that turned out to be a japanese spy and he is in charge of interigation. the camp isn't a POW camp its a secret interigation center. THe japanese bring a man to race Louis and even though he is very out of shape he still beats him. Phil is transfered to another POW camp. Louis family at home doesn'tbelieve that he is dead and they are keeping up there hope.louis is transfered to another POW camp. Right when they arrive at the new camp they get beat by the head guy. But for some reason he is sometime nice to themand brings them candy and cigerettes. They called the wardon the Bird. The japanese send out a propoganda speech from louis that says he is ok and healthy. Louis is given hope from the plane that flies over the camp every day. someone comes and tells the Bird to leave because of his abussive behavior. Everyone is thrilled that he is leaving and celibrates. The prisoners are transfered to anothe camp and the Bird is there and beats Louis frequently. They are all fed up with the bird and decide they want to kill him. They poison his food but it only gets him sick for a little bit and he recovers. The bird gives Louis a goat and tells him he will die if the goat dies. They hear about the bobing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all of a suden all the guards left and they were waiting to be resqued and they droped supplies. He had been in camps for two and a half years

“The paradox of vengefulness is that it makes men dependent upon those who have harmed them, believing that their release from pain will come only when their tormentors suffer"(Hillenbrand).

The men had been adrift for twenty-seven days. The men's bodies were pocked with salt sores, and their lips were so swollen that they pressed into their nostrils and chins(Hillenbrand,Preface,xvii)

[Louie] trained so hard that he rubbed the skin right off one of his toes, leaving his sock bloody(Hillenbrand,23

In The Camps

Josh Peterson


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