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Do you think they are ranked correctly? Yes, I think ranked 47 is perfect for Umar. He is not as important as Muhammad or Jesus. But he did help conquer Mesopotamia, Persia, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Armenia, and North Africa.

Why do you think this person is on the POD List? I think this person is on the Person of the Day list because he was the first Muslim leader to expand the Islamic empire to Non-Arabic regions. Umar was also one of the 1st four caliphs.


Umar was born in Mecca. When Muhammad's message of Islam got out, he did not accept Islam. Umar wanted to kill him. He beat those who accepted Islam. Umar also earnd his living as a Merchant. On his way to Muhammad's house to kill him, he stopped at he sister's house and saw her praying Islam and beat her. Bleeding and bruised she told him that Islam is too strong to be destroyed. Seeing her very weak yet still speaking strong, Umar changed and accepted Islam. He then wanted to spread Allah's message. He started to raise the morale of the Muslims. Umar gathered Muslims and offered prayers at Ka 'aba (means the cube in Arabic). He became one of the 1st four caliphs or successor to the messenger of God.

The 4 Caliphs and Muhammad




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