Ulysses Simpson Grant

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Ulysses Simpson Grant

Ulysses Simpson Grant

Ulysses S. Grant / engraved by William Sartain, Phila.Sartain, William, 1843-1942 engraverPhila : Publshed by Wm. Sartain, 728 Sansom St., c1866

Ulysses Simpson Grant was a man of leadership. He was sought to be in the military category as a general, but later on Grant moved into the presidency. The leadership Grant showed while being in the Civil War was wanted also in a role as president.As the 18th president, 1686, Republican, elected at the age 46, serving for 2 terms, was best known for what he did in the Civil War. While being president, Ulysses received gifts as a show of appreciation. There was a voice for the people, and that was him. Ulysses wanted to secure the rights of the people. He was a man of no speeches or major issues although he did wrote to congress. He wanted to avoid any political problems that would come towards him.The man of rights wanted to help those in need. Ulysses had a goal in serving for the rights of the African American. Times were rough because of the country was recovering from the awful experiences of the war. It was time to reconstruct the nation. An amendment was being processed to be added to the constitution in order to allow African Americans the right to vote. It was called the 15th amendment. Big arguments were being dealt with between the Northern and Southern states. The Northern states did not allow African Americans to vote. Since the Southern states were not part of the Union at that time, Congress and Ulysses made a deal. If the Southern states were to agree on passing both the 14th and 15th amendment, they were to be annexed back into the Union. Therefore the states agreed.On March 30, 1870, the amendments were added to the constitution. It was a sign of accomplishment for both Congress and Ulysses S. Grant. This, for many people, was another action that lead to Grants leadership. His leadership in doing what is right, fighting for what is right. Now till this day, the amendments have stayed and more have been drawn into the constitution. Ulysses Simpson Grant has made a true American spot into our history with his strong mind set in leadership towards others.

The Fifteenth amendmentN.Y. : Published & printed by Thomas Kelly, 17 Barclay St., c1870.

The Fifteenth Amendment and its results / drawn by G.F. Kahl.[Baltimore] : Lith. by E. Sachse & Co., 5 N. Liberty St., Balto., c1870.

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