Ulysses S. Grant: Civil War Project

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Ulysses S. Grant: Civil War Project

Ulysses Simpson Grant was a General for the Union Army during the Civil War. He is thought to be the greatest general of his time. His ability to out think the opponent was one of his best qualities. This mordernized thinking, unlike General Lee, would definately help him become the great gerneral he is. He has been heavily compared to his counterpart, General Robert E. Lee, and has been widely favored. His role in the Civil War was simple but the way he accomplished it was gracefully complicated, it was said that the best man would win and so it happened.


He is regarded as the best of the two main generals in the Civil War. Also he is known as the first of the "modern" general. He won the war as a result.

Lasting Impact

He was the pioneer for the "modern" generals.



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