Ulysses Betrayl

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Ulysses Betrayl

*pg.36 "Do you hear that? Those are coins, heavy golden coins, clinking against each other"*pg.37 "Aeolus gave it to humans a guest gift, and he should share it with us."*pg.37 "Yes out of my mind with curiosity, out of my mind with gold fever, if you must know".

Ulysses was betrayed by his own men. Ulysses was tasked of protecting the south and east winds in two leather bags. These bags were meant to only be opened in case of an emergency but instead Ulysses men thought that they deserve it more than anyone else without needing Ulysses caution. Ulysses stood awake protecting these bags for days without falling asleep and one day they were so close to their homes that they could see the smoke coming out of their chimneys. In relief Ulysses closed his eyes thinking that his men would take notice that he was not protecting the bags for his own greed but it was for their own protection. Ulysses's men came to think that Ulysses had treasure in that bag,

Ulysses's Betrayal


and so in a split second without thinking about it they decided to stab their faithful,loyal, brave leader in the back for something that wasn't there.





* Ulysses trusts his men with his life but he knows they are capable of turning on him.* Ulysses's men wants treasure more than anything.*Ulysses protected the leather bags for days and nights without falling asleep.*Ulysses's men are quick to jump to conclusions.* Ulysses kept his consciousness clear even when he lost sight of his home.


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