Ultimate Frisbee

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Ultimate Frisbee

There are two great leagues that are local in St. Louis. Creve Coeur Park hosts a league for Ultimate Frisbee that has many teams of adults. The games are usually in the evenings and on the weekend.Rockwood School District also hosts an Ultimate Frisbee league for students that are interested in getting involved in this fun sport.

Ultimate Frisbee is a high energy game between two teams. It requires a great deal of cardiovascular fitness and teamwork. The game starts with a pull, much like the sport of football. A team gains possession and tries to advance the frisbee up the field into the end zone. If the frisbee hits the ground or is intercepted, the possession changes hands. The other team may now advance the frisbee up the field into the endzone for a point.

Ultimate Frisbee

What is it?

Where to Find Leagues in St. Louis

Why Play Ultimate Frisbee?


To find out more information about Ultimate Frisbee, check out this official website: USA Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to get a cardiovascular workout. It is also a great opportunity to get together with friends in a social setting. Many leagues are offered for adults and it can be a great lifetime fitness activity.


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