Ukrainian Varenyky

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by VasylLoboiko
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Ukrainian Varenyky

By Vasyl Loboiko

Ukrainian Varenyky


Ingredients:Dough:5 glasses of flour1 egg0, 5 glass of water (milk)0, 25 spoon of saltFilling:5 potatoes2 onions2-3 spoons of sunflower oilSalt and pepper

Break 1 egg into 0, 5 glass of water (milk), add salt and mix these ingredients. Then pour this mixture into flour and knead the mixture well. Cook the potatoes and mash them. Chop 1 onion then fry it and mix with the mashed potato. Add salt and pepper to your taste and mix everything once again. You may also want to prepare some kind of sauce. Varenyky taste good with fried mushrooms or sour-cream.

Varenyky are dumplings filled with potatoes. It is one of the traditional Christmas dishes in Ukraine. It is usually eaten at Holly Supper on Christmas Eve.



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