Ukrainian landmarks

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Ukrainian landmarks


Ukrainian landmarks

Pechersk Lavra MonasteryThe monastery was founded in the eleventh century by monks Antoniy and Feodosiy who established their cells in the caves (in Ukrainian: pechery — hence the name Pechersk). The monastery soon grew to be a major monastic community with churches, refectories, buildings of monk cells occupying a large territory. Lavra is a title which was awarded only to very large and important monasteries. The Pechersk Lavra Monastery in Kyiv was a bulwark of Christianity and an important cultural center.

National Park SofiyivkaThe beautifully landscaped Park Sofiyivka in the city of Uman was laid out in 1796 by the Polish noble Stanislaw Potocki and named after his wife, Sofiya, of Greek descent, to whom he eventually gave the park as a present. Sofiya was known for her exceptional beauty, and the park turned out to be no less beautiful. Sofiya herself was said to take part in designing some sections of the park — it was she who introduced ancient Greek and Roman mythological motifs. At present, the park occupies a territory of almost 155 hectares

Olesko castleThe most popular and famous castle in Lviv region is Olesko. From a distance we can see the powerful defensive building on the picturesque hill in Olesko, which walls are formed of the cutted stone blocks, they "remember" a lot of invasions of polyglot invaders.

Palanok castle in MukachevoThis castle is the most precious historical finding of Transcarpathians dated back to XV - XVI centuries. It has not been conquered through its all history because of its location on 68 meter high volcanic hill. The founding cornerstone for the castle was laid sometime in the 14th century.

National Reserve KhortytsyaKhortytsya is an island, the biggest one on the Dnipro River — its length is 12.5 kilometers and width is 2.5 kilometers. It qualifies for “a wonder” both as a natural and historic landmark. Human settlements on the island date from at least 30,000 years BC. There are 63 archeological and historical landmarks on the island protected by the state.Khortytsya is a major tourist attraction, its main attractive feature being its close connection with the Zaporizka Sich Cossacks of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Shevchenkivskyy ParkShevchenkivskyy Park ­ is an open air Lviv museum of folk architecture and life with the collection of farmsteads, windmills, churches and schooles of 17­-18th century from all regions of Ukraine. It is situated in Shevchenkivskyi Hai (forest) - one of most picturesque sites of Lviv.


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