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The Ukrainian flag was founded on January 28, 1992. The flag is half blue, (upper part), and half yellow, (lower part).After Ukraine gained its independence on August 24,1991, a lot of people fought to keep the communist flag. Fortunately , the people seeking independence won the debate, so the former flag was replaced by the blue and yellow flag, seen today. The current flag has its origins in the 1848 coat of arms of the Ukrainian city of Lviv. The blue part represents the sky, and the yellow part stands for fields of grain, as Ukraine is known for its vast farmland .

Petro PoroshenkoPetro Poroshenko is 48 years old, and he is married. He has 4 children, and he owns the largest chocolate company in Ukraine, known as Roshen. He also owns construction and media companies, and the TV station Channel 5 in Ukraine.His first political interest was in the Orange Revolution. In 2004, there were many protests about election fraud. Viktor Yanovych (pro- Russian) was running against Viktor Yushchenko (pro - Western). Yankovych was supported by the Russians, and Yushchenko was supported by the majority of Ukraine. Yankovych stole the election, and that made the majority of the Ukrainians angry. This started what is known as the Orange Revolution. Poroshenko was supportive of Yushchenko, so he protested with the rest of the protesters.Later, he became Foreign Minister under Yulia Tymoshenko. Then, unfortunately, Tymoshenko was falsely accused of fraud and imprisoned. After serving as Foreign Minister, he became Trade Minister under Viktor Yanukovich. When Yanukovich was ousted because of corruption charges, Poroshenko became President.


Ukrainian Independence DayUkraine celebrates their independence every year on August 24 to commerate the one in 1991. Before that, they were apart of the USSR. On independence day, Ukrainians celebrate their historic past and honor the heros who have lost their lives fighting for freedom.While Independence Day was first celebrated on July 16, 1991 to commemorate the first anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine, the constitution was not ratified until 1996.The date to celebrate independence was then shifted to coincide with the ratification of the Constitution. Today, Independence Day is the country's primary state holiday. The Independence Day celebrations begin with the Day of the National Flag, which is celebrated on the eve of Independence Day, August 23rd. On the following day, the celebrations include: fairs, concerts, and parades.

Ukrainain National anthem!

By Angela

Fun Facts!~Ukraine's current population is 42,524,079!~Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, measuring 223,062 square miles!~ Ukraine is the 4th most educated country in the world!~Ukraine Built one of the world's first computers!


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