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Jailed opposition leader and a sworn Yanukovich foe, Yulia Tymoshenko, urges Ukrainians to take to the streets over the switch away from the EU.

UkraineBy Tony Caputa

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Ukraine announced that it had suspended its plans to sign the agreement with the European Union and that it would instead pursue new partnerships with a competing trade bloc of former Soviet states.

In the early morning, riot police officers, swinging truncheons and spraying bursts of tear gas, forcibly broke up the crowd in Independence Square. Many more people called for Viktor Yanukovych resignation

Russia threw Ukraine an economic lifeline on Tuesday, agreeing to buy $15 billion of Ukrainian debt and to reduce the price its cash-strapped neighbor pays for vital Russian gas supplies by about one-third.

The activist, Dmytro Bulatov, said his captors had nailed his hands to a door after holding him in a dark room and beating him for days.

The amnesty law promised to release detained protesters and drop charges against them but only if public buildings occupied by activists in Kiev and other cities were vacated.

Opposition activists end their occupation of Kiev City Hall in exchange for the release of all 234 jailed protesters, in what is seen as a sign of progress toward resolving the crisis peacefully.

Deadly street clashes leave at least 25 protesters and police dead and hundreds injured. The violence begins when protesters attack police lines and set fires outside parliament after it stalls on taking up a constitutional reform to limit presidential powers.


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