Ukraine Genocide

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World War II

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Ukraine Genocide

2. What was the role of US politics and media in this genocide? The united states recognized The ukrainian genocide as a man made famine. Also russian federation, united nations, and europe established this action as a genocide.

Ukraine Famine Genocide: Holodomor

This genocide began with deportations & executions of Ukraine's religious, intellectual and cultural leaders, that lead to the devastating forced famine that killed millions of innocent individuals.

Erica Franco, Rebecca Rodriguez, Kevin Rodriguez, Thomas Ortiz, Ricardo Hernandez

6. What are our next steps now that we have this information? Now that we have all of the information we collected, we should all never take for granted the food that is put on our table and be generous & help those in need. Also, to keep peace and defend those who are caused suffering. We should let other countries know about this incident so it wont happen again.

3.How do we make sure this stops happening or never happens again? This famine genocide of Holodomor which means death by hunger is when Ukrainians were starved and murdered because Stalin thought that they were a threat. 10 million innocent people died in this incident & to make sure it doesn't happen again, we need to reflect on the horrific outcome & show others the result of it. We have to spread the word to other countries that are unaware of it. We also have to publicize it, & not let people be ignorant and inform them about this genocide.

4. What choices did people make that allowed this to happen (in that country, in the US, around the world)Joseph Stalin, head of the Soviet Union, started the genocide to make Ukraine fear trying to become independent from Russia and to kill the Ukraine Nationalist. Also because he wanted to teach them a lesson for resisting collectivization.

5. What should we learn from this?Due to the Ukraine Famine Genocide, we should be able to learn that in this era the people of Ukraine were having the help from the united states and other countries because of the famine they were going through. Also, people were mistreated and starved to death because of their ethnicity. Because of all of this, we should help prevent it from happening again in the future.

1. What was the role of politics and media in that country?The Ukrainian government tried to stop the Stalin from taking their resources to Europe with all the starvation that was been left in Ukraine. The media in the other way was hiding the entire genocide from the rest of the citizens and all the other people from getting informed.

Holodomor was the brutal famine imposed by Stalin's regime on Soviet Ukraine, primarily ethnically Ukrainian areas in the Northern Caucasus in 1932-33.

Holodomor means "death by hunger" and "extermination by hunger" which is how this genocide occured.


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