Ukraine Crisis

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Ukraine Crisis

Why should the United States help Ukraine?

What is happening?The current crisis in Ukraine can go all the way back to Soviet times when Ukraine was part of the U.S.S.R. It started when Joseph Stalin moved Soviet (Russian) nationalists to what is now eastern Ukraine to promote his ideas in the western part of the Soviet Union and prevent a revoloution. As time passed the people stayed longer and longer, which caused eastern Ukraine to adopt more ideas and customs from the Russians, while western Ukraine was caught in the middle of the western world and the communist Soviet Union. Later on in the 1970's, while still oppressed by the U.S.S.R., the Soviet leader Brezhnev made policies that made the Ukrainians look like traitors during World War II. His policies stopped the teaching of the Ukrainian language in schools and imprisoned those who protested human rights. That then leads up to what is happening now. Which, started with people in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, protesting the corruption of the government. The main person accused was President Yanukovych.

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Why get involved?There are some very good reasons to protest this issue. Russia, from the beginning has been supporting the separatists in the east who have been taking over government buildings, police stations, and military bases in multiple cities. Russia also has their own soldiers at the Russia-Ukraine border armed and ready if the separatists need assistance. If this is not stopped a civil war could break out that would effect the world economically. The big economical problem involves oil from Russia, which Europe relies heavily on. If this situation intensifies and more harsh sanctians are placed on Russia from the west, Russia could stop exporting oil to Europe, which would cause oil prices to go up and then get the U.S. involved.


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