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Social Studies

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Fast FactsLocation: Eastern Europe, Bordering Black ses, between Poland, Romania and Moldova in west.Natural Resources: iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel, mercury, timber and arable land.Population:44, 291, 413.Religions: Orthodax

Flag of Country with DescriptionUkraine flag was adapted September 4, 1991 after collapse of Soviet Union.Ukraines flag is original .Both the colors represent something. The blue is symbolic of the sky, and the shade of yellow represents Ukraine's golden wheat fields.


Government type, Description & LeadersUkraine has a presidential-parliamentary system government wich separates executive, judicial, and legislative branches. Ukraine is republic.Head of Government is Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Tourist sitesSaint Sophia CathederalKiev Pechersk LavraLvivMuseum of the Great Patriotic WarKievGolden GateDonbas Independence SquareHoverlaLviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

HolidaysThese are the Holidays ukraine celebrates :January 1- New Year January 7- ChristmasJanuary 14- Old calendar New YearJanuary 22- Unity DayJanuary 25- Students DayFebruary 14- St. Valentine DayFebruary 23- Mens day March 8- Womens DayApril 1- Day of humor and jokesApril-May - EasterMay 1-2 - Labor Day May 8- Mather's DayMay 9- Victory day in WW2May 13- Mothers DayJune 1 - Childrens Day June 5- World Environmental Protection DayJune 6- Day of Journalists June 20- Day of Medical WorkersJune 24- Youth Day June 28- Constitution DayJuly 6- Ivan Kupala DayAugust 1- Navy DayAugust 24- Independence DaySeptember 1- Day of KnowledgeSeptember 27- Worl tourism DayOctober 5- Teachers DayOctober 8- Lawyers Day December 16- Army DayDecember 19- Day of St. NicolasDecember 25- Christmas

Traditional Food & DescriptionsVarenyky- Dumplings stuffed with fillings such as potato and cheese.Varennya- Fruit preserve made by cooking berries and other fruits in sugar syrup.Deruny- potato pancakes served with servings of sour cream.

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