[2014] Lacy Gripp (World History): Ukraine

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[2014] Lacy Gripp (World History): Ukraine

Violence in Eastern Ukraine is mostly rooted from political instability. It has caused the U.S and European Union to go against Russian protests. These protests are mostly based off of government corruption, police violence, and bad economic policies. Russia tried taking over the Ukraine with troops and made an excuse saying that they were trying to protect their "citizens". This caused many revolts from the Ukrainian people against their government. Economic sanction were put into place to dissuade further assistance to the Ukrainian rebels. The people are starting these riots for the fight of their independence. However, due to these revolts , some anti-protest laws have been sent out against the people.

1918- Ukraine declares independence. Rival governments vie for control for some or all of the Ukraine during the Civil War.

1960-Increase in covert oppositionto Soviet rule, leading to deeprepression.

1921- Soviet Union takes overtwo-thirds of the Ukraine.

2001-Ukrainian military accidentlyshoot down a Russian airline.

2013 December- Russia slashes gas, chocolate, and other economic enterprises to the Ukraine.

2014- Russia annexesCrimea.

2013 November- Tens of thousandsof protesters take to the streetsin Kiev, because the governmentabandones an assosiation agreement with Russia. (they don't sign it)


This crisis in Ukraine has affected people of the nation physically, emotionally, and economically; however, this crisis has also affected dominant world powers. Within Ukraine this crisis as a whole has served as a threat to Ukranian nationalism, which is mainly a result of Ukranian-Russian protests that spread the views of the Russian mother-land. These protests, in turn, are causing unrest within the nation and the world which has sent Ukraine's government further into their spiral of dysfunction, that is all rooted from Russia's craving for resources. This crisis has taken the eyes of the Americans and the European Union of more important situations such as ISIS, and other Middle-Eastern situations.This whole situation, from our perspective, is one big inconvenience to several nations that is rooted in the greed of the Russians and the dysfunction of the Ukranian government.




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