Ukrainan crisis

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Ukrainan crisis

What Sparked The Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine?

It began as a Ukranian crisis in November 2013, when president Viktor Yanukovych rejected a deal for greater integration with the European Union, which Yanukovych tried to put down. Russia backed Yanukovych in the crisis while the U.S and Europe supported the protesters.Protests have toppled the government and removed Yanukovych from the country. Russia, trying to rescue its lost influence in Ukraine, invaded Crimea.

The crisis moved very quickly to corruption and regime change. Most of the protesters were students and young people.

The Ukranian government decided not to sign the agreement with the European union back in the fall of 2013.It was not just a trade agreement but also a political agreenment that commited ukraine to adhere to certain European values and principles.

The country has been divided more or less evenly between Ukrainians who see Ukraine as part of Europe and those who see it as a part of Russia.It is unlikely that Ukraine will get Crimea back.Russia may try to annex parts of Ukraine.

The Russian army then invaded eastern Ukraine to support the rebels. It has brought the West and Russia to their lowest point.

The conflict goes back before the dissolution of the soviet union. Fighting between pro-Russia rebels and Ukranian troops has killed more than 400 people in Eastern Ukraine.

This issue is on the left wing of the political spectrum. People have a freedom of speech to protest and topple their government.


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