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Fast Facts - In UK, people drive on the left side of the road. - The emergency number in the UK is 999 instead of 911.-When on an escalator, you are supposed to stand on the left side.-England drinks 20% more tea than the USA


In the UK, there are lots of low hills, islands, and mountains.

In Ireland, people eat Shepherd's pie, which includes peas, carrots, gravy and lamb.They also eat lots of potatoes. In England, they eat and drink lots of fish and chips (french fries) and tea. In Scottland, they eat scotch pie, which includes baked beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy. In Wales, they eat glamorgan sausage, which includes leeks, cheese, and bread crumbs. They also eat Welsh crempog, which is very much like a pancake. In Isle of Man, they eat Manx Bonnag, like bread, and Loaghtan Lamb.

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"You'll be ok, if you go to the UK!"

In the UK, the climate is cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer. It is also a marine climate.There is also medium to high humidity.

Uk Transportation includes;taxi, car, the Chunnel to France, the tube (like a subway,) and motorcycle.Also, in UK, people drive on the left side of the road!

Recreation includes football (soccer,) lawn tennis, golf, boxing, snooker (like pool,) watching TV, playing computer games, gardening, and going to pubs.

In the UK, natural resources include natural gas, oil, and salt. The UK is also the 2nd largest economy in Europe. Plus, the UK does most of it's trading in Europe. Also, UK's currency is the pound.


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