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Uk Sports

Football is the most popular sport in England and Scotland, and one of the most popular in Wales and Northern Ireland.The modern rules of soccer were issued in London in 1983. The FA Cup was established in 1871 and the Football League in 1888, having mostly some of Wales and England teams. The current Premier League was founded in 1992, relegating to the old first Division to the second step. The major clubs in England were Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

The beginnings of table tennis are dark, and it is not known with certainty when he practiced for the first time. We can say that it was in the Decade of 1870 when this sport arose in England as a derivation of tennis.

Cricket is popular in England and Wales. The main Club Championship is the County Championship, disputed since 1890.The English selection of cricket, which also includes players from Wales, has Test status. It faces Australia in The Ashes series since 1882. It has achieved the title of 2010 T20 World Cup, the second placed in the the Cricket World Cup in 1979, 1987 and 1992, and the second position in the Champions Trophy for the ICC in 2004 and 2013.

It seems that a game similar to modern hockey is practiced in English public schools in the early 19th century. The first hockey club was Blackheath Football and Hockey Club, in London, which was established around 1861. The Teddington Hockey Club was formed in 1871 and in 1875 the English Hockey Association. In the 1880's the game settled definitely and women began to practice it with enthusiasm.

Tennis was formed in Birmingham in the 1860s, and the Wimbledon championship created in 1877 became one of the four Grand Slam of world tennis tournaments.

Golf originated in Scotland, and has records of its existence in 1457. The open British Golf, played for the first time in Scotland in 1860, is one of the four major world golf tournaments.

The England rugby league was founded in 1987, have stood where Leicester Tigers, Bath and London Wasps. Other Nations formed the Celtic League in 2001, where have been champions Northern Ireland Ulster, and Ospreys and Llanelli Scarlets in Wales.










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