UK Leaving the EU

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UK Leaving the EU

UK leaving the EU

-UK Conseravtives want to hold an "in-out" referendum on Britain’s renegotiated EU membership by 2017-They want to protect the UK economy from further integration of the Eurozone. -They want to expand the Single Market Scrap Human Rights Act and replace with a British Bill of Rights-They want to resist EU attempts to restrict legitimate financial services activities

Conseratives Plan of leaving the EU

-As far back as the year 2000, it has been claimed that three million jobs rely directly on our membership of the European Union.-Some of Britain's largest trading partners - including France and Germany - are in the EU.-Around 1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU, and having membership makes movement around the continent incredibly easy. -It has the clout to take on multinationals such as Google and Microsoft. At the moment Britain plays a key role in the EU, and leaving would see us forgo that.

-The flip side of the freedom of work and travel for UK citizens is that people from other EU countries are free to travel to and live in Britain.-Like most clubs, the EU charges a membership fee, and it has been claimed that the cost is around £55m per day.Analysis by Full Fact estimates the figure is closer to £24m per day when rebates and other receipts are taken into account.-Many Eurosceptics look to rich Norway as a country which trades with the EU without being in it. It also controls its own agriculture and keeps its fish, rather than being bound by EU quotas.



The europeaun union is political economic union of 28 member sates that are located primarily in Europe. It covers an area of 4 million 324 thousand 782 kilometers squared. Also an estimated population of over half a billion people. It was founded on November 1st 1993. The founding countries were France, Belguim, Luxemberg, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany. The union has recieved lots of praise and admiration and has been awrded with many awards such as the noble peace prize.


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-Free trade - The EU is a trade bloc which means there are no quotas or tariffs for companies exporting goods and services within the EU.-EU competition law - this means that if you have a company you should have the opportunity to do business across the EU.-The internal market - the single market means UK citizens are free to move, live, study and trade anywhere within the EU.-Common commercial policy - these are rules put in place to protect EU businesses using things like tariffs, subsides and quotas on imports from outside the Eurozone.

EU policy impact on UK


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