[2015] Joel Rhode (2015-2016): UK Christmas

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[2015] Joel Rhode (2015-2016): UK Christmas

They decorate with lights, trees, and ornaments, like us. They drink alcohol, but they drink other stuff too. They eat turkey, turkey gravy, port sauce, and bread sauce.

They also might have 2 Christmas trees. There presents are placed under trees and in stockings. They also eat pigs in a blanket, Mince Spices, Chocalate Yule Logs, , Pigs head, and cranberry sauce. They also eat Christmas cake.They eat figgy pudding they call Christmas pudding. It don't snow often.

UK Christmas

Although it don't snow often, They have a thing called a White Christmas. That's where they get a lot of snow in winter.

As you can see part of the United Kingdom is part of Ireland.

People say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas. Their Santa wears red robes like ours' does. He has eleves too. The UK has a lot of similarites with the USA. No animals are associated with Christmas besides reindeer.


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