Ugly side of crude oil

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Ugly side of crude oil

Ugly side of crude oil

Oil spills during transportation

Releases carbon dioxide when burnt

Drilling for oil have become more difficult and expensive as we are drilling deeper than 20,000 metres to find new reserves.


Contains sulfur compound, contributing to acid rain

Average age of worker in the oil industry:50 years old

Much of our remaining crude oil reserves are located in politically unstable countries, such as the middle east countries, making it difficult to obtain them.

Transportation of biodiesel is costly and difficult

clean burning, so lesser pollutants are produced

Cons of biodiesel

can be used directly without refining

Why choose biodiesel?

Additional land is required to produce more plants, in order to meet the demand

Increases nitrous oxide emission

made from 100% renewable resources, so it is sustainable

biodegradable and non-toxic

More expensive than petroleum



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