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UgliesBy Scott Westerfeld

In a world of extreme beauty, and advanced technology, Tally and anyone under the age of 16 grows up knowing they are ugly. Tally is left alone in Uglyville, after her best friend Peris gets the operation to make him a pretty, and leaves for New Pretty Town. Tally makes a new friend over the summer, named Shay. Shay runs away, giving Tally a choice that would change everything. Go with Shay, or stay in Uglyville, waiting to become pretty. Does Tally keep her promise to Peris and become pretty, or go with Shay and find freedom? No matter which she chooses, everything is changed. There are 4 books in this series. Each book is filled with secrets, betrayal and an action packed story!


~About the Author~Scott Westerfeld was born in Dallas Texas, and moved to Connecticut for his dad's job. He graduated Vassar College with a B.A. in philosophy. He made music as a teen, and still makes music. He married Justine Larbalestier, an Australian author. He has written about 32 books, mostly about questioning authority. He always writes with tons of detail, and intriguing questions. He is a very good author.

~My Recommendation~Uglies is probably my current favorite book right now because of the storyline, and how nothing seems to be what you think. Its story is ironic, and has great detail, giving lots of suspense. I think others would like this book if they like mysteries, and intriguing questions that get answered in each book.

Julia DugganDays 1 & 4Period 4AR Points: 13AR Book Level: 5.2Call #: PBK WES


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