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Social Studies

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Cuisine Pastries include burek and pida (layered cheese or meat pies), zeljanica (spinach pie), and sirnica (cheese pie), as well as baklava, a Turkish pastry layered with nuts and honey. Drinks include Kefir, a thin yogurt drink, Turkish coffee, and a tea called salep.

SportsFootball (soccer) is the most popular sport in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The former Yugoslav national football team included famous Bosnian players, such as Josip Katalinski, Dušan Bajević, Ivica – Ćiro Blaževć, Ivica Osim, Safet Sušić, and Mirsad Fazlagić.Independent Bosnia and Herzegovina has not qualified for a European or World Championship. Bosnia-Herzegovina sportspeople have competed successfully at international level in handball, basketball, women’s basketball, karate, chess, and boxing.


ReligionThere is a strong correlation between ethnic identity and religion in Bosnia and Herzegovina as is shown by the fact that 99 percent of Bosniaks are Muslim, 98 percent of Croats are Catholic whilst 99 percent of Serbs are Orthodox Christians. Tensions between the three constitutional peoples remain high in the country and often provoke political disagreements. According to the CIA World Factbook, 40 percent of population are (Sunni) Muslims, 31 percent are Orthodox Christians, 15 percent are Roman Catholics, and 14 percent are atheists or have other religious affiliation.


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