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UDL Application to Content Area

There are four components of UDL Curriculum. For a lesson for third grade science, here are the four components: Goal: Understand the structure andproperties of matter before andafter they undergo a change.Methods: Students will use sensory bags to understand different states of matter, and then watch the teacher change the different properties. Materials: http://eschooltoday.com/science/states-and-behaviour-of-matter/what-is-a-physical-change.html Assessment: A worksheet will be provided asking students to determine different forms of matter.

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UDL Curriculum was designed to help students master learning. In order to do this in science in a third grade classroom, it is important for teachers to understand how to incorporate UDL into instruction. In order to teach a student with dyslexia about change in matter, the teacher should use a variety of tools to engage the student. This would mean to incorporate hands on activities along with words in order to full emerse the student in the content. Different tools that could be used include sites such as http://eschooltoday.com/science/states-and-behaviour-of-matter/what-is-a-physical-change.html or house hold materials would benefit any student who is learning through discovery.

The Who and WhatThird Grade Student with Dyslexia receiving Science instruction.

UDL Application to Content Area



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