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Social Studies
World War I

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Use in World War 1

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The Germans used U-Boats to go underwater and suprise the Allies on the water. The Allies had trouble getting supplies over because of these boats, or submarines. U-Boats were responsible for sinking the Lusitania which offended the Allies.

Restriction of U-Boatsand Ressurection of U-Boats

Video on U-Boats

For a while U-Boats were restricted by the U.S and this was called restricted submarine warfare. In 1917 the Germans released the restriction and were able to use the U-Boats once again.

A sunken U-Boat

A U-Boat at sea.

The Parts of the boat

For more information on U-BoatsClick on the Tack

The U-boats used in World War 2 were even deadlier than before but the United Sates by now had the technology to make their own submarines to fight against these boats.

Return in WW2

Merchant ship blown up by a U-Boat

U-Boat on shore

U-boats were armed with torpedoes in the front and in the back and they run on an electric motor. Also this boat has a main engine seperate from the electric motor. The control room is a very crammed area. There is also a mine tube and crew quarters that the crew stays in.

1. Torpedo2. Electric Motor3. Main engine4. Control Room5. Mine tubes6. Torpedo7. Crew Quarters



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