U-Boats Madison Todryk History Vogt 4th

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Social Studies
World War I-II

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U-Boats Madison Todryk History Vogt 4th


The Germans responded by using sumbarines also known as U-Boats.

U-Boats launched torpedoes againts Allied supply ships, causing heavy loses.

Germany Developed small submarines called U-Boats as part of its war strategy. U-Boats could strike Allied ships without being seen. They destroyed around 10 million tons of Allied and neutral ships and cargo from 1914 to 1918.

As the stalemate on land dragged on, sea battles in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea became very important.

The powerful British navy blockaded the ports of the Central Powers and laid explosive mines in the North Sea.

The tactic effectively stopped ships from reaching German ports with needed supplies

The Germans also attacked ships belonging to neutral countries they believed were helping the Allies.It would soon pull the United States into World War 1.

By the end of the year, the Germanshad failed to take Verdun. At the Somme River, the Allies had advanced just seven miles. Almost nothing had changed on the western front. But nearly 1 million men had been killed at Verdun and the Somme River.

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