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Human Influence on Ecology

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Tyrone Hayes

Ever since childhood, have been interested in amphibian development and how environmental change affects development. He later began working in a laboratory where he discovered Atrazine (the world’s #1 selling herbicide and most common contaminant of ground and surface water) that chemically castrates and feminizes amphibians. It is also likely increases the risk of breast cancer and prostate problems in rodent models and humans.

Hayes is unlike other scientists, not only does he publish in journals and presents his work at scientific meetings, he has led a public outcry against atrazine, testified at government hearings, appeared in all forms of media, and launching an anti-atrazine website.

He is an African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, sometimes called the lab rat of amphibians. He's a good breeder, too, having produced both children and grandchildren. He's a female.Genetically, Darnell is male. But after being raised in water contaminated with the herbicide atrazine at a level of 2.5 parts per billion-slightly less than what's allowed in our drinking water-he developed a female body, inside and out. He is also the mother of his children, having successfully mated with other males and spawned clutches of eggs.

Tyrone Hayes

“This environmental and public health issue is a racial/social justice issue because minority and working class people are the primary targets of pesticide exposure.”

"Surprisingly, frog hormones are very similar, and in some cases identical, to human hormones."