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Inventors and Inventions

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19th Century Invention

The type writer is a way of writing a letter not useing your hand and a pencil.The type writer was invented in 1868 and used alot by people around the world.Once the typewriter came out and they became less expensive there was alot less pencil and paper, they still use it just not as much.People used it to commucate by sending letter that people could read. The people who invented the typewriter were all very smart and giving.


Discribe The Invention


There were 3 inventors.Christopher Latham SholesFeb 14,1819-Feb 17, 1890He lived for 71 years.Carlos GliddenNov. 8,1834-March 11,1877He lived for 43 years.Samuel W. SouleJan. 25,1830-July 12, 1875He lived for 45 years.

Life Before The Invention

How Did It Make Life Easier

In the life before the typewriter people wrote everthing by hand and there wrist started to hurt. It was also very important to have good hand writing so people can read what you wrote.

The typrwriter made life easier because instead of writing everything down by hand and trying to read bad hand writing. Ypu could use the typewriter so people could read your papers and then your wrist may not hurt as much anymore.

We do not use them much any more but we still use them a little. Now they come in eletric.


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