Types of Weather

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Weather and Climate

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Types of Weather

Thunderstorms are created when there is instability in the lower atmosphere. Warm moist air is forced up and forms cumulonimbus clouds that produce thunder and lightning.https://www.tropicalweather.net/thunderstorms.html

Fog is created in different ways depending on what type of fog it is but fog in general is a stratus cloud on the ground.https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Rain, which is precipitation in liquid form, occurs when cloud become to heavy so gravity pulls the rain drops down. For the resulting precipitation to be rain the temperature must be above freezing.https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Dust storms are created by strong winds blowing over a dry area where loose dirt can be picked up easily.https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Types of WeatherBy: Victoria Anderson





Dust Storm


Hurricanes form when warm air moving over the ocean rises rapidly causing an area of lower air pressure below it. The warm air that rises and cools forms clouds and spins with wind.https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Tornadoes form when thunderstorms meet high altitude horizontal winds. The winds cause the warm, rising air in the thunderstorm to rotate.https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html





Lightning is caused by the separation of of electrical charge and the creation of an electrical field during a thunderstorm.https://www.tropicalweather.net/lightning.html

Sleet occurs when snow falls into air above freezing temperatures and melts into raindrops but there is then another below freezing layer that is deep underneath the warm air. This causes the rain drops to freeze and turn into balls of ice. https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Windy weather happens when there is an imbalance of heating in the atmosphere caused by uneven solar heating or the difference at a front. The uneven heating causes an unbalanced pressure field. Air from a high pressure area flows toward a region of low pressure to balance the pressure field. https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html

Snow is caused by the accumulation of crystal snowflakes. Snowflakes form when the themperature in clouds is below freezing which causes water to freeze and crystallize. https://www.tropicalweather.net/weather.html


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