Types of Weather

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Weather and Climate

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Types of Weather

10 Types of WeatherBy Viselle Antonio

Snow: The ice crystal comes into contact with warmer air. This acts as glue causing crystals to bond together forming snowflakes.

Lightning: When the electrons in the bottom of the thundercloud are attracted to the protons in the ground.

Rain: When tiny droplets are enlarged by moisture from the surrounding air condensation and then combine with other droplets.

Sunny: When high pressure is dominating the weather patter. High pressure is cool, dry air.

Thunderstorms: When the cumulus cloud begins to rain and cool, dry air starts to enter the cloud. Making it downdraft. It is then cumulonimbus cloud. Then thunder and lightning starts to occur.

Tornadoes: Formed when cold dry polar air meets warm moist tropical air and the atmosphere is very unstable.

Wind: Is caused by an imbalance of heating in the atmosphere.

Hail: Created by strong thunderstorms with fast updrafts.

Sleet: rain/melted snow that freezes before hitting the ground.

Blizzards: You need cold air at the surface, lots of moisture and lift. Warm air must rise over cold air.

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