Types of Forests in India

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Types of Forests in India

Indian Dry Deciduous Forests are found throughout the northern part of the country except in the Northeast. It is also found in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The principal trees of these forests are Indian Teak Tree, Sal, Sandalwood, Mahua, Khair, Mango, Jackfruit, Wattle and Arjun, Semal, Myrobalan and Banyan Tree. Usually, mangrove dates, whistling pines, bullet wood and royal palm tree are predominant here

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The moist deciduous forests are scattered throughout India except in the western and the north-western regions. The trees have broad trunks, are tall and have branching trunks and roots to hold them firmly to the ground. These forests are dominated by Sal and Teak, along with Mango, Bamboo and Rosewood.

Temperate Deciduous forests are those, which consist of predominantly broad-leafed trees. Species belonging to these forests drop leaves in autumn. The deciduous forests in tropical areas shed leaves when water becomes scarce. These areas receive an annual rainfall of 100 to 200cms in India. The deciduous forest can further be divided into Moist and Dry.

Temperate deciduous forests

Types of forests in India

Tropical rain forests incur heavy showers of 100-600cm a year, and hence the name, Rainforests. These forests experience an average temperature of about 26 degrees Celsius, with no pronounced cold or dry spells. Coffee, chocolate, banana tree, mango tree, papaya tree, avocados and sugarcane all originally came from tropical rainforests.

Dry Deciduous forests

Tripical Rain Forests

Temperate Deciduous forests

Tropical rain forests

Moist Deciduous forests

Moist Deciduous forests

Dry Deciduous forests


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