Types of Energy

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Types of Energy

Thermal energy is the energy that incresease temperature.Fire gives off thermal energy because it produces heat.

Types of energy

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By: Elijah Ravello

Kinetic energy is the assosiated with o the motion of an object.When you roll a ball down a slop it moves which is kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy

Potential energy

Electrical energy is energy from charged particles.There are 7 steps of electricity.1)Power plants carry an electrical current2)Current is made stronger by a transformer3)The current goes into the powerlines4)Another transformer near the town makes the current weaker and splits it up5)Some current goes into underground cables to deliver power to the town.6)Some of current goes into wires to deliver power to factories and farms7)The electrical current goes into indiviual,buildings and homes to power our lights,machines,ect...

Potential energy is the energy stored by an object because of its location above the ground. When you are on a bike going up a hill and stop at top of the hill is potential energy.

Chemical Energy

The energy stored within a subtance through the bonds of chemical compounds.

Thermal energy

Electrical energy


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