Types of Energy

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Types of Energy

What is energy??Energy is known to be the ability to cause change.There are many types of energy like potential energy ,kinetic energy ,and thermal energy.Some examples ,are a person running to represent kinetic energy , also a charged battery to represent potential energy.

Kinetic EnergyAll moving things have Kinetic energy.Kinetic energy is the energy associated with the motion of an object.This includes very large things, like planets , going to small things like atoms.The heavier an object is the faster it moves , the more kinetic energy it has.

By:De'Andre Shepherd

Types of energy

Potential EnergyPotential energy is the energy stored by an object because of it's location above ground.Some examples , will be things like a rubber band or a chargerd battery.

Chemical energy is the energy stoed with a substance through the bonds of chemical compounds.Some examples of chemical energy are things like a tomato and a tree.

Chemical Energy

Electrical EnergyElectrical energy is energy from charged particles.Some examples, of electrical energy are a lighting strucked on a tree and when you turn your tv on.

Thermal EnergyThermal energy is the energy that increases as it tempuature increases.Some examples of thermal energy ,can be a cup of hot choclate and a candle lit with fire.

Nuclear EnergyNuclear energy can be transformed into other forms of energy.An example of nuclear energy ,is a nuclear bomb exploding.

SourcesI used my interactive notebook to get the defentions and examples from my foldable and note taking.To get the pictures i typed in the name of the energy and draged it to the template and the visual image came up with an example for each energy