Types of Energy

by Kyleigh20
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Types of Energy

Types Of Energy By-Kyleigh Overholt

Potential- stored energy: not moving. Potential energy is in many objects see or pass by. Examples of potential energy used in your daily lives is; a unopened carbonated drink, a car parked at the top of the hill, a book on a table, a raised weight, and many more! Some characteristics of potential energy are stored, having the potential to do something, and many different types of potential energy.

Gravitational- energy due to the downward pull of earth’s gravity. This type of energy is proven by the height or position. Like for example a ball on top of a 2 story house had more gravitational energy than a cat exploring a basement. Some characteristics would be gravitational pull, gravity, and height/ position. We use this in many sports we play like basketball and baseball. When you shoot or hit the ball it’s pulled down by gravitational energy.

Elastic- energy stored when an object is squeezed or stretched. We use elastic energy in many things in our daily lives. Girls use it putting up their hair with a hairbow. Guys use it putting on sweatpants, with the elastic on the top is is stretched when the person goes to step into it. Characteristics would be like many things that have elastic contain it.

Chemical- the potential energy stored in chemical compounds. We use chemical by baking and using chemicals when we are making something. For instance when your parents are in the kitchen cooking they use many types of substances to form a chemical substance. Therefore you use chemical energy in the kitchen. Characteristics would be like it’s in many things.

Electrical- the energy of moving electrons. We use electrical energy in a lot of our household items like oven, stove, microwave, tv, lamp, lights, power…...etc. We use electrical energy in a lot of things. Characteristics of it would be anything that uses power contains it.

Kinetic-energy of motion; moving. We use kinetic energy every day. When we are walking we use kinetic energy. A ball that somebody has thrown has kinetic energy ONLY when its moving. While we are running we contain kinetic energy. Characteristics of kinetic energy would be like anything that you’re doing that contains moving.

Nuclear- energy that comes from changes in the nucleus of an atom. We convert nuclear energy into electrical energy and we use it in many ways that way. Characteristics would be can be converted and is used in a lot of things.

Thermal-energy of moving particles within a solid, liquid, or gas. The joule is the unit used to measure thermal energy. Unlike other forms of energy, thermal energy is difficult to convert to other forms of energy. When thermal energy is transferred from or to an object, it is called heat. Since heat is known as a process, objects cannot contain heat. Characteristics would be like a lot of things contain thermal energy.

Light- energy produced by the vibrations of electrically charged particles. We use light energy to keep us warm. The sun warms us up and its light therefore we can use it for heat along with many other things. Characteristics of light is like we use it for heat and it’s everywhere.

Solar/Radiant- energy from the sun. Solar energy is energy which is created from sunlight, or heat from the sun. Solar power is captured when energy from the sun is converted into electricity or used to heat air, water, or other fluids. Characteristics would be like it’s in many different forms.

Sound- energy caused by an object’s vibrations. We use sound energy in lots of thing all of the things we hear comes from sound energy like right now I hear Mrs. Abernathy cutting paper therefore that contains sound energy. Characteristics we be like it travels in many different forms of waves.



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