Types of conflict in Hatchet

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Types of conflict in Hatchet

Man Vs. nature " He just had time to see it was a moose.He knew them from from pictures but did not know,could not know how large they were-when it hit him.It was a cow and she had no horns,she took him in the left side of the back with her fore head."(pg.150)

Types of conflict in Hatchet

man Vs. Society"Visatation rights" "In the summer brian would live with his fater and in the school year with his mother."(pg.6)

Man vs. self "Them memory was like a knife cutting into him. Slicing deep into him with hate . The secret."(pg.31)

man vs. manBrian knew.The pilot's mouth went ridgid,he swore and jerked a short series of slams into the seat,holding his shoulder now,swore and hissed,"Chest! Oh my god,my chest is coming apart!"(pg.11)


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